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How to Put Your Head Underwater for the First Time

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In this video you'll learn how to put your head underwater for the first time

We'll show you that water won't fill up your body. Just remember to hold your breath!

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In this video you will learn how to submerge your head in water. Generally, the fear of doing this is due to a feeling of suffocation and the fear that the water will enter the body through either the mouth or nose. Learning how to put your head in the water is extremely important in order to then submerge the rest of your body and learn how to swim.

If possible, we recommend that you to wear a flotation belt.

As a safety measure, we also advise you to have someone with you.

We are going to divide immersion of the head in water into two stages: blocking breathing and becoming aware that the body will not fill up with water.

Firstly, the blocking of breathing. To make you fee;l safer, do this in a small pool, and hold onto the edge with one hand. Take a deep inhalation, hold your nose and put your head in the water just below its surface

Stay in this position for a few seconds before coming back up. Slowly increase the amount of time you spend doing this until you reach around ten seconds.

Next, the realisation that the body will not fill with water. Some people believe that in submerging their head, the water will naturally enter into the nose, mouth, eyes and ears and therefore the body will fill up with water.

As proof that this fear is unfounded, open your mouth whilst under the water, Do this quickly, then repeat, keeping your mouth open for a few seconds, without breathing in.

Next, exhale into the water several times through your mouth and your nose. But be careful not to breathe in.

Finally, open your eyes in the water for a few seconds. If you are in a swimming pool, the water might sting your eyes, so do not keep them open for too long.

In order to submerge your head in the water, focus firstly on holding your breath. Once you feel comfortable with this, open your mouth and your eyes in order to realise that the water will not enter into your body. You now know how to put your head underwater.


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