In this educational video program, you will learn the basics of masonry. The masonry program has been created to provide useful and accessible content for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of masonry. It serves to guide vocational empowerment as well as basic self reliance at home. This course will simplify the technical aspects of the work at hand. This curriculum was developed to provide free content in aid of workers entering into the construction industry in India. However, it covers the universal basics of masonry and introduces key concepts and techniques to anyone who wishes to learn. The masonry program has been created thanks to the support of Castorama. It has been split into the following categories: Introduction to masonry, Components and Materials, Tools, Safety & Maintenance, and Construction. A Mason has a complex job at hand demanding a deep understanding of different materials and how they interact with each other. Creating solid structures based on two-dimensional blueprints requires one to constantly strengthen skills and knowledge. Although experience is the most important aspect learning in any practical field, a good foundation will ensure a smooth learning curve. Let's begin!

What you are going to learn

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