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Discover the importance of mortar in masonry with this animated video

The information presented in this video aims is for those who wish to pursue masonry as a profession or hobby.

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In this video you will discover that mortar is an essential component in construction used for holding together masonry units, filling gaps and finishing surfaces.

The most commonly used kind of mortar is Cement mortar, made from mixing cement with sand and water. It is used to hold together bricks, blocks and stones to form structures of varying levels of complexity.

Wet mortar that has been applied in a structure needs to be allowed to set or harden.

For example, when laying bricks, wet mortar is used with the consistency of a paste, allowing it to be worked with and applied with ease.Once the mortar has dried it becomes strong and rigid, achieving high compression strengths and can be impermeable to water.

The specific proportion of the sand, cement and water required to mix mortar depends on the specific application as well as the quality of the materials. It is therefore essential to follow the mix design and the method statement for every project. The mix design uses laboratory studies of the material to provides accurate inputs on the proportion of each ingredient that must go into the mixing of mortar. This ensures that the mortar is most suitable for the work.

The water to cement ratio is the most critical factor in the strength of mortar. Too much water reduces mortar strength, while too little will make the mortar unworkable.

When the right proportion of materials is used to make mortar, the final structure will gain strength and longevity.

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