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Introduction to Masonry

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This video will introduce you to the basic concept of masonry.

This is an introduction to a series covering the basics of masonry. Keep watching to learn more.

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In this video, you will learn about masonry.

When structures are built by using mortar to bind together bricks, stones or concrete blocks arranged in specified ways, it is called Masonry.

The person who builds the structures is known as a Mason.

All the buildings that we see around us, whether they are houses, schools or commercial complexes; from single-floor constructions to high-rise apartments and skyscrapers...all these structures are the result of Masonry, or have been made using principles of masonry.

Though masonry is possibly as old as agriculture, over centuries, it has grown into a complex and challenging industry using rapidly-evolving technologies.

Today, with the world’s population increasing at unprecedented levels, more people need homes to live in, as well as infrastructure to support their lifestyles.

This means that there is a higher demand for masons than ever before.

Now that you know about what masonry is and what a mason does, you’ll be able to learn how to become a helper mason with this series of videos


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