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How to Use a Measuring Box

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This video contains instructions on how to use a measuring box to measure proportions in masonry.

This video is part of a curriculum covering the very basics of masonry for professional development and basic self reliance.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Measuring Box.

A Measuring Box is a container with a standardized volume that is used to measure quantities of cement, aggregate or mortar to create a proportional mix of mortar and concrete.

Here, we use a Measuring Box of One Cubic Foot.

To use a Measuring Box, fill it over the brim with the material you need to measure. In this case, we have used sand.

Use your hand to flatten the sand so that its quantity is in line with the opening of the measuring box. To lift the measuring box you need two workers to hold the pair of handles on either side.

To empty the measuring box tilt it to one side and flip the box to drop the measured contents.

You have now learned to use a measuring box.


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