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How to Use a Drum and a Bucket

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Watch this short video the uses of a drum and a bucket in masonry.

This video has been designed for training purposes.

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In this video you will learn how to use a drum and a bucket.

A drum is a large container used to store the water required in a construction site. The water in the drum can be accessed using a bucket. The bucket is a smaller container that enables the mason to transport water to where it is needed.

To use a drum, first place it where it can be easily accessed and fill it up with clean water.

To use water, dip the bucket into the Drum to draw the amount of water that you need. The bucket makes it easy to pour water into a mortar mix or on top of walls that need to be cured.

When cleaning tools, dip each tool into the bucket filled with water while scrubbing and wiping each surface.

You have now learned to use a drum and a bucket.


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