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How to Prepare Mortar

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In this video, you will learn how to prepare mortar.

This content is meant to help you take a first step into the field of masonry with your basic groundwork in place.

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In this video, you will learn how to prepare mortar.

The tools that you will need are

measuring box


and Mortar Hoe

the materials that you will need are -



and Water

Don’t forget to use personal protective equipment including -

Safety Gloves

Reflective Jacket

Safety Glasses

Safety Helmet

Safety Shoes

And Dust Mask

Fill the measuring box with sand using a shovel. Even out the top of the measuring box to ensure that the box is completely filled. Empty the sand and repeat the process another two times so that you have three measuring boxes worth of sand in a heap.

Fill the measuring box completely with cement and pour it over the flattened mound of sand.

Use only cement with ISI mark.

Now, use the hoe to flatten the top of the pile of cement and sand.

Proportions of sand and cement depend upon mix design and specific application.

Start mixing the cement and sand with the hoe, moving from one edge of the pile to the other. Drag out small portions from the sides, heaping it on top to make a mound. Repeat the process a couple of times, until the entire pile has a greyish colour.

Now, make a crater right in the center of the pile. Pour water into the crater. Proceed to heap the sand and cement mixture into the center of the pile. Continue mixing till the consistency of the mixture changes. The colour will gradually turn to a dark shade grey.

Once the mix has reached a uniform consistency, the mortar is ready to be used.

You have now learned to prepare mortar.


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