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How to Use a Mortar Hoe

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This video will get you started on how to use a mortar hoe.

The content presented here is meant to inform and inspire anyone pursuing a foundation in construction work.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Mortar Hoe.

A Mortar Hoe is a digging tool used to move, shape or mix sand, cement, mortar and concrete.

To use a Mortar Hoe, hold the handle firmly with both hands.

When mixing mortar, begin the process by flattening sand using the bottom of the blade.

Once cement has been added onto the flattened sand, spread the material widely by running the edge of the blade across the heap.

Starting from one side, use the Mortar Hoe to cut and drop thin layers of the material, mixing it consistently.

Collect the mix into a mound and gradually scoop mortar out from the center, making a crater that will contain water for the mix.

Once the crater has been filled with water, use the Mortar Hoe to collapse the sides of the mound into the pool of water.

Continue the process till all the water has been mixed into the mortar.

Cut and turn the wet mixture well until it has reached the desired consistency.

You have now learned to use a Mortar Hoe.


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