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How to Use a Shovel

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In the video, you will learn to use a shovel.

The information presented here is intended to introduce beginners and enthusiasts to the field of masonry.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Shovel.

A Shovel is used to manually shift large quantities of cement and aggregates.

To use a shovel, clasp the D-shaped handle with one hand and hold the shaft closer to check with the other hand.

Thrust the tip of the blade into the material, and scoop up a load that you are comfortable with carrying. Carry the loaded shovel to where you would like to move the material, in this case, a measuring box.

Now, tilt the shovel and let the material drop.

Repeat the process until the measuring box is filled over the brim.

Use your hand to flatten the sand so that its quantity is in line with the opening of the measuring box.

You have now learned to use a Shovel.


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