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Components of a Building

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In this video, you will learn the different components of a building.

Learn the basic concepts of construction with useful training tips on how to improve your masonry skills.

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In this video, you will learn about the different components of a building.

The Foundation is the lowest part of a building that bears its entire load below ground level. It provides stability to the building and protects it from earthquakes.

The Plinth is the portion of the foundation that is found above the ground and surrounding the building. It helps raise the structure of the building and prevents water from entering into it.

Columns act as the vertical load bearers of a building that evenly distribute its load onto the foundation.

The Roof is the exterior covering that provides shelter to the highest level of the building. The partition between two consecutive levels forms the ceiling to the level above it and the floor to the level below.

It shelters the structure from external conditions such as the weather and is made of Reinforced Cement Concrete.

A Wall is a protective or restrictive vertical barrier that divides the floor space and encloses the structure by providing a boundary.

Doors and Windows are the openings and accessways of the building. Doors provide a path for entry and exit while windows provide light and ventilation.

Stairs are a progressing series of steps that provide a pathway between the different levels of a multi-storeyed building.

The Loft is an intermediate surface area found below the ceiling of a room that acts as an overhead storage compartment.

The Compound Wall is a wall that runs along the perimeter of the land that demarcates and fortifies the property.

Rendering or Plastering is the final stage of masonry in which a layer of mortar is added to the surface in order to give it a smooth finish. Plastering protects a structure from water and readies it for a coat of paint.

You now know about the different components of a building.


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