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Introduction to the Roles of a Mason

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This animated video describes the various roles of a mason.

This tutorial is part of a program developed to inspire an interest in masonry, both as a profession and a DIY-skill.

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An Assistant Mason has a number of important responsibilities to carry out.

First, they have to study the architectural drawings to see where the required walls and structures have to be built.

They lay out the architectural drawings on a table. The compass is used as reference to determine the direction. It’s therefore absolutely essential to have one when reading architectural drawings.

Then, they estimate the amount of material that will be required for the day’s work and ensure that they are available.

They proceed to check the quality of all the materials that will be required for the day. A responsible assistant mason will only use materials which are of a good quality.

After reading the drawings they have to check if the measurements are correct and match with the construction site.

Once the measurements are verified, the assistant mason decides on the equipment required to build the walls.

Before they start working the assistant mason checks their personal protective equipment to ensure his personal safety.

The mason then prepares mortar for the walls that they will build.

After the instruments and the materials are finalised, the Assistant Mason builds the required wall or structure according to plan.

You have now learned about the Roles of a Mason.


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