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Stacking and Handling of Material

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Learn how to stack and handle building materials safely and efficiently

The content presented here is meant to help you grasp essential knowledge and skills in masonry.

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In this video you will learn how to stack, carry and handle materials at a construction site.

It is essential for a mason to know the how to handle materials in order to avoid wastage, save space and to ensure safety in the workplace.

Materials should be stored in such a way that they are easy to count, store and keep track of.

While unloading bricks from the truck, hold each brick firmly with both hands.

Arrange the bricks in such a way, that each level is a combination of bricks placed lengthwise and widthwise.

Every level should have the same number of bricks so that the total number of bricks can be easily calculated.

The height of the stack should not be more than the average height of a person. So that using the bricks, and removing them from the stack is safe and easy.

When attempting to carry a cement bag, take precaution as it usually weighs about 50 kilograms. Trying to pick up more than one bag at a time may lead to injury.

Be sure to keep your back straight when you are carrying heavy items like cement bags.

Stack cements bags in such a way that the oldest bags of cement are sure to be used up first. This will leave the newer bags to be used later on

Ensure that you the stack cement bags in a dry area as the material reacts to moisture.

Do not place more than 8 bags on top of each other.

Always store sand in a fully enclosed, dry environment.

Sand kept out in the open is likely to be lost to wind and water.

Make sure that the sand doesn’t mix with mud or clay in order to maintain a good binding capacity.

You have now learned about stacking and handling of material at the construction site.


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