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Learn about the important role that water plays in the trade of masonry

You are watching a tutorial program aimed at introducing masonry for vocational purposes.

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In this video, you will learn about the importance of water in masonry.

Water is one of the most essential materials in masonry. It is a primary ingredient in the making of mortar and concrete.

When water is mixed with cement, it forms a paste that can be easily applied to hold together masonry units or to render a surface.

The cement hardens as it dries, binding aggregates into a solid structure. The water causes compounds in the cement to crystallize in an irreversible process called hydration. The strength and durability of mortar and concrete is ensured by this reaction between cement and water.

Water is also used in the curing of structures. Curing is the process of controlling the temperature and extent of moisture loss from mortar or concrete to ensure uninterrupted hydration. It helps to increase the strength and durability of structures.

Curing commences within 12 hours of construction and usually continues for a minimum of 7 days.

Water used in construction needs to be free of impurities in order to avoid side reactions that may weaken the bond. For instance, one must never use seawater as it does not blend with building materials. It is advisable to use water that is fit for drinking.

You have now learned about the importance of water in Masonry.


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