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How to Use a Sand Screen

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Take a quick lesson in how to use a sand screen.

This introductory program is meant to help anyone wishing to grasp the basics of woodworking.

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In this video you will learn how to use a sand screen.

A Sand Screen is a sieve used to filter fine aggregate by eliminating larger particles.

To use a Sand Screen, hold or place the sand screen at the near upright angle. You may use a wooden strip to hold it in place. Support the sand screen using bricks so that it is stable and does not slip out of position.

Lift a load of sand using a shovel and slowly let it roll down the sieve. Repeatedly run the blade of a trowel upward lifting the rolling sand over the screen until only coarse particles remain on top of it.

Heap the residual coarse particles in a pan using the trowel. Remove the supporting bricks and the sand screen from their position and collect the filtered fine sand.

You can see that there is a clear difference in quality between the fine sand and the residual coarse particles that have been removed from the raw sand.

You have now learnt to use a sand screen.


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