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How to Use a String

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Watch this video for instructions on the uses of string in masonry.

This is a DIY guide for hobbyists and prospective professionals.

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In this video you will learn how to use a string.

In Masonry, a string is used to establish a straight line or a uniform level. It is an accurate reference to guide the building of a wall.

To use a string, first identify the fixed points that need to be connected.

When measuring distance, you can mark the points using nails, as shown here, or using wooden pegs.

When setting up a mason’s line, string is tied between profiles.

Once you have fastened an end of the string to either point, ensure that it is taut.

You may now lay bricks along the string, allowing it to guide the gauge of the course and edge of the wall.

You have now learned to use a string.


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