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How to Use a Trowel

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Watch this video on how to use a trowel.

This series will help to develop a basics understanding of masonry to get started as an assistant mason.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Trowel.

A Trowel is a tool that consists of a flat, metal blade held by a short handle. It is used for mixing and applying cement, mortar and concrete.

To hold a Trowel, grasp it with four fingers wrapped around the handle and the thumb pressed down towards the blade.

When using a Trowel to mix mortar in a pan use a stirring motion of the blade.

To create a Mortar Bed, apply a layer of mortar wide enough to accommodate the thickness of the wall.

When laying a course, scoop up a small amount of mortar using the blade and apply it onto the side of the brick that will make contact with previously laid bricks.

Once a course is complete, pick up mortar using the trowel and press it into gaps and perpends between bricks to fill them.

When finishing a surface, scoop up the mortar from the pan using the Trowel and flick it against the surface of the wall with a quick motion of the wrist. Repeat the process till you’ve reached the desired thickness of mortar.

You have now learned to use a Trowel.


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