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Safety on a Construction Sites

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Learn valuable tips on how to stay safe on the construction site.

The primary target audiences of this video series are those looking for vocational skills in the construction industry.

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Safety Tips On Construction Sites

Construction sites can be hazardous places.

It is essential to strictly observe safety precautions in order to avoid Injury, accidents and health problems at the workplace.

Typical causes of danger at the construction site include:

-Falling from heights,

Tripping over objects, Stumbling into gaps and holes or slipping on wet surfaces,

Electric shocks

and Tools or building materials falling from overhead.

To ensure a safe environment at the construction site, strictly observe the following rules:

-Clean the construction site every day and maintain an uncluttered surrounding. Dispose of all dust, debris or loose nails that may be scattered on the floor.

Do not leave tools lying around and unplug any lights or electrical appliances that are not in use.

-Do not leave uncovered, stagnant water lying around. At the end of each day, water stored in containers should be thrown away.

-Trenches, gaps and holes found at the construction site should be covered with wood, to avoid accidents or mishaps.

Build a fence around the area under construction and install a signboard to inform nearby civilians of possible risk. This can help prevent unforeseen disasters.

Always use Personal Protective Equipment while working.

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