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The Proper Stance for Skaters

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In this video, you will learn about the correct posture to adopt when skating to stay stable and flexible.

Now you've perfected your posture, let's get skating! Keep watching our Skateboarding program for more ideas

Discover how to perfect the positioning of your chest, knees and arms when skating by watching this short video.


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In this video, you will learn the correct skating posture.

For a good posture when skating, remember these three steps: the position of your chest, bending your knees and using your arms.

Firstly, the position of your chest.

Stand upright with your two feet perpendicular to your board.

Your shoulders should be in line with your feet.

Keep your back straight and look straight ahead of you.

To find your balance, on your skateboard, shift your weight from right to left and forward and back, to find the most comfortable position for you.

To move your feet, for example to turn, the movement should come from the shoulders.

Secondly, bending your knees.

Stand on your board, with your feet at right angles to the deck.

Bend your knees so that you stay both stable and flexible.

To practice finding the correct position, bend and straighten your knees, keeping your feet flat.

Stay as flexible as possible.

Thirdly, use your arms.

When skating, your arms usually stay by your sides.

When jumping, use your arms to give strength to your jump, by bending and then extending them. This should go with your knee movement.

When turning, hold your arms out in the direction of your rotation, to reinforce the movement as much as possible.

When bending down on your skateboard, use your arms to counterbalance.

Work on your stance til it becomes second nature!

Over to you!


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