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How to Turn Fast: The Kickturn

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In this video, learn how to do a kickturn by lifting the nose of your skateboard to turn quickly.

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Discover how to do the kickturn, a simple but sometimes confusing skill, to make quick turns with your board.


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Emma Collingwood - Sikana
Emma Collingwood
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In this video, you will learn how to do a kickturn, lifting the nose of your board. This is a very useful skill when skating at speed.

In order to do a kickturn, there are two steps to follow: turning when stationary, then turning when skating.

First, turning when stationary on a gravel surface.

Place your board on a gravel surface to hold it in place.

Step onto your board, and put your weight onto your back leg, keeping it straight.

Bend your front leg to raise the front of the board, and pivot the board. The movement should come from your arms.

Don't let the nose lift up too far, otherwise the tail will touch the ground.

It just needs enough lift, so that you're balanced on the back wheels.

Next, how to turn when skating.

Push off on your board so that you're skating slowly.

Shift your weight onto the tail of your board, through your back foot, and bend your front leg.

Turn your heel inwards slightly.

Use your shoulders to turn and follow the movement through with the front of your foot.

Once you've done the kickturn, shift your weight once again by straightening your leg.

Learning to turn is a crucial step when skating. Practice until you nail it every time!

Over to you!


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