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How to Get Onto Your Skateboard: Running

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In this video, you'll learn how to get onto your skateboard at a run in order to gain momentum.

For more skating techniques to help you gain speed when skating, such as tic-tacs, take a look at the rest of our Skateboarding program.

Getting onto your board at a run is a useful technique for making a quick start when skating. Learn how by watching this short video.


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In this video you will learn how to get onto your board at a run.

We will look at two ways of jumping onto the board: while it's on the floor, and whilst holding it.

Let's begin by jumping on the board while it's on the floor.

Place the board on level ground and take a few steps back to build some momentum.

Jump onto the board so that both feet land on the bolts at the same time.

Keep your knees flexible and replace your front foot on the bolt at the nose of the board, in the correct skating stance.

You can also give your board a slight push before jumping on it. In this case, jump with your dominant foot first, followed by your other foot.

Next, how to jump onto your board whilst holding it.

Hold your board with: your right hand if you are goofy-footed, or your left hand if you are regular-footed.

Run dragging the tail of the board on the ground, and jump, raising your dominant foot.

Release your skateboard in the line of your run.

Land with your dominant foot on the front bolts and with your other foot at the front of the tail.

Practice until you've mastered this technique, which will help you gain speed quickly. Over to you!


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