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Exercise: Get onto your Board

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to gain stability and control when jumping onto your skateboard.

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Build your confidence when getting onto your board by practising this simple exercise!


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In this video, you will discover an exercise to help you practice getting onto your skateboard, by rolling your board over.

To start this exercise, flip your board over, and place it upside-down on your feet.

The aim of this exercise is to flip the board by jumping, then to land with both feet on the bolts.

First, practice to turn your board back onto its wheels with your dominant foot, and then to flip it again. Practice this movement several times until you're completely comfortable with it.

Practice first with your dominant foot, then with your weaker foot.

Once you've mastered this, jump forwards slightly, dominant foot first, to flip the board and land on it.

You should land with your dominant foot first, on the bolts, with your heels over the edge of the deck.

Once you've landed on the board, jump backwards, pushing down on the side of the deck so that it rolls over and lands on your feet, back in your original starting position.

Once you've mastered this exercise, try landing both feet simultaneously on the board. Your feet should land on the bolts.

You can also try this exercise making the board do a full roll before landing on it.

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