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How to Do an Ollie

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In this video, you will learn how to perform an Ollie when Skating to start mastering tricks on your skateboard.

If you want to go back over the Ollie technique, take a look at our video "How to Do an Ollie from Standing", also in our Skateboarding program.

Once you've learned to do an Ollie from standing, you're ready to try it out when skating. Watch this short tutorial to find out how it's done!


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In this video, you will learn how to do an Ollie when skating, with and without an obstacle.

Before trying an Ollie when skating, learn how to do an Ollie when standing still

We will learn how to do an Ollie over a line, then over an obstacle.

First, over a line.

Find a line, or draw one on the ground with chalk.

Push off with your skateboard, but not too fast, then place your dominant foot 3/4 of the way down the board, with your back foot at the end of the tail.

Just before you reach the line, pop the tail sharply and slide the side of your front foot along the deck.

At the same time, jump, lifting your back foot off the board, so that the board can get some lift.

Follow the movement of the board in the air, then land with your feet on the bolts, bending your knees.

Secondly, doing an Ollie over an obstacle.

Place an obstacle on the ground, such as another board.

Push off and position yourself as before.

Just before you reach the obstacle, pop the board and slide the side of your dominant foot up the deck.

A common mistake is to concentrate too much on the board- focus on the obstacle to time your jump correctly.

The height of your Ollie depends on the slide along the deck. The closer to the tail you start the slide, the higher your Ollie will be.

Jump to lift your back foot off the board.

Use your arms to help you jump higher, and guide the board with your shoulders.

Bend your knees to absorb the impact when you land.

Once you've mastered this, practice this exercise with different types of obstacles.

Over to you!


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