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Exercise: Turning and Carving

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In this exercise, you will learn an exercise to work on steering and carving frontside and backside on your skateboard.

For more information on carving, take a look at the video on Carving in our Skateboarding program!

Master your board control and weight distribution to help you steer and carve on your skateboard by practising the exercise shown in this short tutorial video.


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In this video, you will discover three exercise to work on changing direction and carving.

The three exercises are: Skating straight, carving in broad arcs, then alternating frontside and backside carving.

First, skating straight.

Place six cones to form a line 10 metres long, or draw one in chalk.

The aim of this exercise is to keep skating in a straight line after picking up speed.

Pushing off on your skateboard, go forwards, keeping the line slightly to your right if you're regular footed, or to your left if you're a goofy-footed skater.

Keep your torso upright and your shoulders parallel to the board.

If you notice you're not skating straight, correct your path by shifting your weight a little, either onto your toes or onto your heels.

Second exercise, carving a broad arc.

Form a semi-circle with your cones.

Start by doing this exercise facing the cones.

Pick up some speed and skate along the outside of the curve.

Pushing down on your toes, move your weight forward slightly to follow the trajectory of the curve as closely as possible.

If necessary, increase your speed a little.

When you're comfortable with this, repeat this exercise, this time with your back to the cones.

Now you will have to steer yourself by pushing down on your heels.

Third exercise, alternating frontside and backside carving.

Form a straight line with your cones, spacing them two metres apart.

Pick up some speed and approach the first cone to one side, so that you have your back to it.

Push down on your heels to steer, so that you're facing the next cone.

Use your shoulders to help you with this movement.

Now to the opposite- push down on your toes to steer, so that you have your back to the third cone.

Keep slaloming between the cones, alternating between frontside and backside carving.

To switch up the exercise a little, try moving the cones closer together, then redo the exercise making kick-turns, lifting the nose.

Over to you!


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