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Exercise: Improve Your Balance

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to improve your balance on your skateboard by distributing your weight correctly.

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Balancing on your board is a key skill to master in order to progress as a skater, especially when it comes to tricks. Try out this exercise to perfect your balance!


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In this video, you will discover an exercise to improve your balance. This is excellent training for doing manuals later on.

For this exercise, you will need an old deck without trucks, and a large, round 2-3l water bottle.

Find a soft surface, such as grass or carpet, to practice this exercise, as it's quite normal to fall at the beginning.

Lie the bottle down, then place the deck on top of the bottle.

Get onto the deck, putting one foot on the end where the board touches the ground.

Place your other foot on the board, then shift your weight to move the deck into a horizontal position.

Balance like this on the board, using your arms to help you.

You should be able to feel your abdominal muscles contracting.

This exercise will help you work on your balance and on distributing your weight effectively on the board.

As soon as you feel comfortable, shift your feet a little on the board, and try to hold your balance!

This exercise can be practised at home, and is ideal for when it's raining outside!

Over to you!


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