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Pushing off on a Skateboard

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In this video, you will learn how to push off from the floor with your feet to start skating.

To learn how to gain speed on your board without pushing off from the floor, take a look at our video on Pumping.

Pushing off with your foot is a useful technique for starting to skate and for gaining momentum. Find out how with this short video.


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In this video, you will learn how to push off on a skateboard in order to start moving and pick up speed.

To push off on a skateboard, remember these three steps: positioning yourself, pushing off, and skating.

First, positioning.

Stand with your feet parallel to your board, with your chest upright.

Place your dominant foot at the front of the deck, in line with your board, and bend your knee. Your toes should not cover the bolts.

You can also place your foot at a slight angle, with the tip of your foot covering the the front bolts. It's up to you to decide which position is most comfortable for you.

Secondly, pushing off.

Lean slightly forward.

Bend your back knee, keeping your foot level with the back wheels.

Push off the ground, and bring your foot to the back of the deck, as you straighten up your stance.

Keep your knees slightly bent to stabilise yourself.

Thirdly, skating.

Once you've got both feet on the board, turn your chest so that it's perpendicular to the board, and pivot the heel of your front foot.

To gain momentum, pivot your dominant foot again, pointing your toes forward.

Place your back foot on the floor, then push off once or twice from the toes

The further forward you reach with this foot, the faster you will go.

Then replace your back foot on the deck and reposition your feet perpendicular to the board to make the most of your momentum.

To master pushing off, think about the positioning of your feet on the board and when they contact the ground

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