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Exercise: The No Comply Shove-it and the Boneless

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In this video, you will learn two exercises to work on your skating jumps and on your footwork.

For more great exercises to help you work on your skating skills, take a look at the rest of our Skateboarding program!

Work on the exercises in this video to discover the no comply shove-it and the boneless.


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Emma Collingwood - Sikana
Emma Collingwood
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In this video, you will learn two exercises to practice jumping and moving your feet independently.

First we will look at the No Comply Shove-it, then the Boneless.

First, the No Comply Shove-it.

The No Comply Shove-it is a trick which is done by placing your front foot on the ground, then doing a 180 with your board.

While stationary, place your front foot on the ground and your back foot at the back of the tail.

It's all about the movement of your back foot. You need to slam down the tail whilst simultaneously pushing the board away from you.

Practice this move while stationary until you've mastered the 180.

To do the No Comply Shove-it when skating, build up a bit of speed, place your front foot on the ground and do a 180 with your board using the move you've just learned.

Just before the board hits the ground, jump on so that both feet land on the bolts simultaneously.

Practice this trick until you've got it mastered!

Next, the boneless.

While stationary, place your strongest foot on the ground and bend down to grab the board with your right hand if you skate goofy and with your left hand if you skate regular footed.

Lift up the board, keeping your back foot in position to follow the movement of the board without pushing down.

Push off from the ground with your front foot and replace it on the board.

Land both feet on the bolts simultaneously, before the board touches the ground.

Once you've mastered the move whilst stationary, try it when you're skating.

Over to you!


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