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In this video you will learn to do a manual on a skateboard, first while stationary, then when skating.

When you've learned to do a manual, make sure you check out our video on how to do a nose manual!

Watch this short tutorial to find out how to skate on your back wheels- it's not as hard as it sounds!


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In this video, you will learn how to do a manual. This involves skating whilst balanced on your two back wheels.

To do a manual, remember these two steps: doing a manual while stationary, then when skating.

First, doing a manual while stationary.

Wedge the back wheels of your board in a crevice in the ground, to hold them in place.

Place your back foot on the curve of the tail, and your front foot on the front truck bolt, turning your heel slightly inwards.

Push down gently on the tail to lift the nose, without letting the tail touch the ground.

Bend your front knee and use your back leg to distribute your weight correctly.

You can use your arms to help you balance.

Adjust your feet as necessary, and try to hold your balance for a few seconds.

Secondly, when skating.

Push off with your skateboard, and place your feet as before.

Transfer your weight onto your back foot to lift the nose.

Lean forward slightly to keep your centre of gravity in line with the board, and use your arms to balance.

Transfer your weight back towards the nose to land the board on the ground again.

Now you know how to do a manual, why not try learning how to do a nose manual?

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