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Exercise: The Duck Walk

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to work on your balance on your skateboard using the Duck Walk.

Why not check out the previous video for another exercise to work on your balance?

Master your board control, weight distribution and balance with this simple exercise, which you will learn to practice first on the spot, then moving.


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In this video, you will discover the Duck Walk, an exercise that will help you improve your balance when skating.

We will see how you can practice this exercise on the spot, then moving.

First, on the spot.

Stand on your skateboard, with your dominant foot on the curve of the nose, and your other foot on the curve of the tail.

Your centre of balance is in the line going down the centre of your body.

Bending your knees, shift your weight alternately onto the tail, then onto the nose to lift and land the board, keeping your balance.

Do this exercise, increasing the speed until you're rocking back and forth from tail to nose.

Secondly, moving.

Position yourself as before, and lift the nose slightly.

This time, using the toes of your dominant foot, push down on the nose to rotate forwards slightly.

At the same time, move your hips and shoulders forward. They should stay parallel to the skateboard.

Repeat this movement lifting the tail, then the nose again, to move forward little by little.

Once you've mastered this exercise moving forwards, try going backwards, slowly at first, then increasing in speed.

The duck walk is a useful exercise for warming up and working on your balance at the same time.

Over to you!


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