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How to Skate Over Small Obstacles

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In this video, you will learn how to skate over small obstacles, such as curbs, without jumping.

We recommend that you also watch our video on riding off curbs to learn how to get down again! Find this in our full Skateboarding program.

Learn to climb up onto curbs or over small obstacles on your skateboard, without jumping, by watching this short video.


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Gill Roberts - Sikana
Gill Roberts
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In this video, you'll learn how to skate over small obstacles.

We will look at how to skate over an obstacle from a standing position, then while skating.

Firstly, from a standing position.

Position your dominant foot by the front truck bolt with your back foot on the curve of the tail, at right-angles to your front foot.

There are two steps to this movement.

Lift the nose to clear the obstacle with the front wheels, without touching the tail.

Then push down on the nose without letting it touch the ground, and bend your back leg.

The tail will lift to let the back wheels follow.

Reposition your feet on the trucks to level the board on the ground.

Practice this move several times from a standing position, until you're completely comfortable with it.

Now let's try it while skating.

Position yourself facing a curb about 10 metres away from you. Start skating, but not too fast.

As you approach the curb, place your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the hollow of the nose.

When the front of your board reaches the curb, transfer your weight onto the tail.

As soon as your front wheels clear the top of the curb, shift your weight onto your front leg and bend your back leg to lift your foot and follow with the back wheels.

You've mastered this move when you can do it without looking at your board. The placement of your feet should be instinctive!

Over to you!


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