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How to Get on a Skateboard

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In this video, you will learn how to get onto your skateboard from a standing position, then find your balance.

There are several different ways of getting onto a skateboard- to discover the other, take a look at our Skateboarding program.

Not sure if you're a goofy or regular-footed skater? Find out in this short tutorial, then discover how to get onto your skateboard from standing.


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In this video, you will learn how to get on a skateboard when standing still

There are three stages to doing this: identifying your dominant foot, getting on with a support, and getting on without a support.

First, identifying your dominant foot.

Here is a simple test: stand up straight with your feet together, and ask a friend to push you forwards gently.

The foot you fall forward onto is generally your dominant foot.

You can also do this test on your own, by leaning forward little by little.

If your right foot is dominant, you're a "goofy"-footed skater. If your left foot is dominant, you're a "regular"-footed skater.

You could also try out both positions on your skateboard to see which feels most natural to you.

Secondly, getting on with a support.

Stand next to a support that you can hold on to, such as a bench or a wall.

Stand to the left of your board if you're right-footed, or vice-versa. Your feet should be parallel to your skateboard.

Keep your back straight.

Place your dominant foot at the front of the board, by the front truck bolts.

Bend your front leg and place your other foot at the back of the board.

This foot should be perpendicular to the board and just behind your front foot.

Pivot your front foot so that you're standing in the correct skating position.

Let go with one hand and try to find your balance.

Thirdly, getting on without support.

Stand in your starting position, as before.

Place your dominant foot at the front of the board, with your knees bent.

Repeat the same movement as before.

Place your second foot quickly on the board, so as not to start rolling forwards.

Once you're standing on your skateboard, stay in position to get used to keeping your balance.

Once you've mastered pushing off on your skateboard, you'll be able to try getting on while running.

Over to you!


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