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How to Carve: Turn by Leaning

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In this video, you will learn how to carve on your skateboard by leaning and adjusting your balance.

Make sure you also watch our video on Kickturns to learn how to make quicker turns on your skateboard.

Learn how to turn effectively by carving, or shifting your weight to direct the board, by watching this short video.


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In this video, you will learn how to turn by leaning when skating. This skill is particularly useful when you're skating quickly.

To practice this skill, pick a smooth surface with no obstacles, near a clear slope.

To turn when skating, remember these three steps: finding your balance when stationary, turning inwards, and turning outwards.

First, finding your balance when stationary.

Wedge your wheels in a crevice, to hold your skateboard in place, get onto the board, in a skating position.

With your knees bent, use the tips of your feet to rock back and forth, without lifting the wheels off the ground.

Secondly, turning inwards.

In skating, this is known as a frontside carve.

Get onto your board and start skating downhill.

To do a frontside carve, push down on your board with your toes.

Lean forward slightly with your chest, keeping your arms to your sides.

To steer the movement, turn your shoulders inwards.

Stand back up straight once you've finished the carve.

Thirdly, turning outwards.

In skating, this is called a backside carve.

Just before the carve, bend your knees.

Push down on your board with your heels.

Lean back slightly with your chest and buttocks, as if you're about to sit in an armchair, and extend your arms out to the sides.

Use your shoulders to steer the movement and guide your body.

When you've done the carve, straighten up into a standing position.

Once you've got this down, you'll be able to turn at any moment and become a better skater!

over to you!


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