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Mountain Bike Tricks: How to Jump

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In this video you'll learn how to perform jumps on your mountain bike

Only one more video in this program to go! Find it to learn how to drop

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video you will learn how to jump.

Jumps allow you to maintain momentum.

and will give you a great adrelanine rush! Before trying to jump, make sure you've checked out the video on how to manual and bunny hop.

The four key steps are the approach, the take-off, the midair suspension, and the landing.

Step 1.

Stop pedalling around 5 feet before the take-off.

You should stand with knees slightly bent.

Step 2.

Pump right before the slope to generate momentum and take off.

The timing is extremely important.

If you pump too early, you will not attain the desired height.

Step 3.

Once you've taken off, straighten the legs.

You should aim to get a smooth arc as you pump, take off and then straighten out in the air.

Once you're in the air, relax.

Allow the bike to come into you naturally - you don't need to pull the handlebars up with your arms Step 4.

When you start descending pay attention to the angle of the slope or terrain to prepare for landing.

Adjust your bike by using your body weight to be parallel to the landing surface.

Upon landing, refrain from braking sharply.

Try and absorb the shock by landing simultaneously with both wheels.

Otherwise you could lose balance Jumps are challenging but with practice you should be able to nail them.

Remember to look ahead once you have landed and be ready for the next section of the trail.

Enjoy your ride .

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