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How to Do a Wheelie

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In this video you'll learn how to wheelie. It's a classic bike trick which looks great.

By now you should be comfortable with the basic MTB skills. We hope you enjoyed this video on how to wheelie a mountain bike

Learning how to wheelie can take time. Practice somewhere safe and away from traffic. Once you've master the wheelie, check out our video on how to manual!

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video you will learn how to do a wheelie.

A wheelie is a technqiue where you lift your front wheel, and pedal forward on the back wheel.

It is useful on trails to climb steps.

To make it simpler to balance, practice your wheelie on a slight uphill surface.

The two key steps are: lifting the front wheel and pedalling forward on the back wheel.

Step 1.

Raise the seat a little from your normal riding position.

Make sure the bike is on an easy gear Pedal and bend forward so that the chest almost touches the handlebars Your dominant foot pedal should be at the 11 o'clock position so that you can thrust forward.

Push down on the handlebar and pull back your chest immediately.

If you pedal too fast at the start, it will be harder for you to maintain your balance while you are doing the wheelie.

Avoid pulling the handlebars to the chest.

Step 2.

Pedal and bend forward.

As you push with the hands and throw your weight back, pedal forward.

The timing is important.

Keep pedalling hard and maintain the angle.

You can swing your knees out and in to help you balance If the front wheel drops, pedal faster.

You can also shift the bodyweight back to help you lift the front wheel.

If you feel that your bike is leaning back too much, squeeze lightly on the rear brake.

This will help lower the front wheel.

You can also ease up on the pedalling to avoid falling back.

If you lose control and are falling behind, jump off the saddle and land on your feet.

If you are falling to one side, turn the handlebar and shift the weight to the opposite side.

Do not press the brakes when you land as this could throw you over the handlebar.

Practice your wheelie until you develop a good sense of balance.

Check out our video on how to manual.

Enjoy your ride.


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