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How to Do a Bunny Hop - Part 2

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This is the second part of the video that shows you how to bunny hop

Keep on going with the videos to learn all the basics elements a good mountain biker needs to stay safe and have fun whilst out riding

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video you will learn how to do a bunny hop.

Check out part 1 to practice the different individual steps to do a bunny hop.

The two key steps are: front wheel lift followed by the back wheel, and both wheels together in the air.

Step 1.

Pedal slowly towards a line.

Shift the weight back first and punch forward with the arms and the legs outstretched as you lift the front wheel.

Let the front wheel drop and lift the back wheel.

Pump the rear wheel and snap the heels up.

Step 2.

Incease the speed gradually and try and hop over the line with both wheels in the air.

It is important to get the hips low over the rear wheel.

From this position, all you have to do is to stand up and lean a little forward and snap the heel to lift the rear wheel.

Concentrate on shifting the body weight.

Avoid pulling too hard with the hands to lift the front wheel as it will make it really hard to lift the rear wheel.

People often tend to bend their legs to lift the rear wheel.

This limits the height of your lift as your legs can only be bent a certain distance.

It's easier to bunny hop over a root at a relatively slow speed with the front and back wheel up and down movement.

Practice your bunny hops until you are able to comfortably clear obstacles.

Enjoy your ride.


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