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How to Do a Manual

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In this video, you'll learn how to do a manual on a mountain bike.

It's a tricky skill to get right but it worth it to negotiate tricky sections of trail in style

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video ou will learn how to do a manual.

a manual involves lifting your front wheel up and keeping it elevated while you move ahead on the rear wheel - without pedaling.

Manuals allow you accelerate and get over obstacles.

Check out our video on how to pump as it is important to master it before doing a manual.

The two key steps are lifting the front wheel and maintaining the balance.

Draw a line or place a small stick to practice doing a manual.

To make the manual easier, lower the seat.

// Stand up with the pedals level.

Get into the ready position.

As you approach the marker, shift your bodyweight back behind the saddle and lower the hips over the rear wheel with the legs extended.

Thrust the heels downwards and keep the arms outstretched.

The back and the legs should be at 90 degrees.

Step 2.

To maintain the balance, use your bodyweight.

You can move your hips behind or in front to help you balance Avoid using your arms to pull the bike up as it will invariably come down quickly.

Keep a finger on the rear brake.

If you lose balance, squeeze gently on it.

This will automatically bring the front wheel down.

Practice your manual on a flat terrain and once you are confident, hit the trail.

Enjoy your ride.


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