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How to Corner

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In this video, you will learn about cornering on a mountain bike.

Cornering well is key to mastering other MTB essential skills such as riding switchbacks.

Cornering is essential so that you can take tight twists and turns on the trail safely.

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In this video you will learn how to corner.

The three key steps are: leaning the bike, distributing your weight, and planning the exit.

Step 1.

Stand up out of the saddle, with the outside leg in the six o'clock position.

Open up the inside leg into the corner and lean the bike in.

Push the outside hand down and raise the inside elbow a little.

The seat should almost touch the inner part of the inside thigh and the hips should move outward.

Practice leaning and turning on a flat surface.

Try and get as low as you can.

Once you are comfortable turning on one side, try turning the other way.

When you approach a corner on the trail, get into a low attack position.

Slow down and apply the brakes before entering into it.

Ideally you want to hit the corner as wide as possible.

If you brake while cornering you could skid and lose balance.

Do not turn the handle to the side you want to turn but rather use your bodyweight.

Step 2.

Your weight should be equally distributed between the front and the rear wheel so that neither wheel skids.

Your bodyweight should be low and on the outside of the turn for counterbalance.

Press down with the outside foot.

This will help you gain some traction and maintain a low centre of gravity to avoid falling.

Crashes generally occur when your weight is on the side on which you are cornering.

Step 3.

Always look ahead and plan your exit from the corner.

As you come off the turn, straighten the bike gradually and start pedalling.

Mastering cornering requires a lot of practice.

Do check our video on riding switchbacks.

Enjoy your ride.


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