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How to Do a Bunny Hop - Part 1

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This video shows a mountain biking trick which is called a bunny hop.

Don't forget to check out the next video to put all the bunny hopping moves together and master this skill

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How to do a bunny hop - 1/2

In this video you will learn how to do a bunny hop.

It is an essential technique to get over obstacles and involves lifting your front wheel followed by your rear wheel.

The four key steps are: the front wheel lift, the back wheel lift, rolling the shoulders and the landing.

Step 1.

Draw a line with some chalk or just place a small rope on the ground.

Lower the saddle a little from the normal position.

As you approach the line, lift up out of the saddle, stand high and shift your weight onto the front wheel.

The dominant foot pedal should be in front.

Pump and lift the handlebar vigorously to your chest.

It's important to shift the body weight back and stretch the arms.

The legs should be perpendicular to the back.

Practice this a few times until you are able to lift your front wheel nice and high.

Step 2.

As you approach the line, stand on the pedals and pump the rear wheel.

Bend the knee and snap the heel upward vigourously.

Step 3.

Stand beside the bike and hold the handlebar with the wrists locked.

Twist your wrist upward and lift the handlebar to your chest vigourously.

At the peak, shrug and roll your shoulder and arms forward.

Lifting the handlebar and rolling the arms over should be a continuous and explosive movment.

Step 4.

Look for a place where you have a small drop.

As you ride into the drop, push your body weight onto the rear wheel.

Pull the handlebar towards you to keep the front wheel hanging.

On a flat landing surface, push down with the feet so that both wheels land simultaneously.

The legs should be extended faster than the arms.

Practice these four steps individually until you master them.

Check out the next video to string all the steps together and master the bunny hop.

Enjoy your ride.


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