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How to Ride Switchbacks Uphill

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In this video, you'll learn how to ride switchback uphill on a mountain bike.

By now you should be geeling confident on your mountain bike, keep going with the next video to learn riding switchbacks downhill

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In this video you will learn how to ride switchbacks uphill.

Switchbacks are a series of sharp turns on a steep ascent or descent.

Riding switchbacks is challenging but you can nail them if you keep the following points in mind.

The four key steps are: the approach, the line of choice, the body position and the exit.

Step 1.

As you approach the uphill switchback, shift to the appropriate gear.

A too high gear will stall your momentum.

A gear which is too low will make your pedalling inefficient.

Step 2.

Build momentum and try and enter the switchback as wide as possible.

Keep looking ahead at your line choice as it helps in steering your bike along the intended path.

Step 3.

Your body position should be low with the chest leaning toward the handlebar.

You could also sit on the front of your saddle.

If the gradient is too steep, you might want to get out of the saddle to power yourself uphill.

Step 4.

Keep the power going as you turn into the bend.

Find your exit and keep looking ahead.

Check out our video on how to ride switchbacks downhill.

Swtichbacks can be tricky but with practice you should be able to do them comfortably.

Enjoy your ride.


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