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How to Ride Switchbacks Downhill

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In this video, you'll learn how to ride switchback downhill on a mountain bike.

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In this video you will learn how to ride switchbacks downhill.

Switchbacks are a series of extremely sharp bends on a trail and negotiating them can be challenging.

Before getting into switchbacks, you might want to check our video on how to corner.

The three key steps are: the approach, the body position and the exit.

Step 1.

Press both brakes to slow down to walking speed.

Release the front brake as you approach the switchback and stop pedalling.

The pedals should be level in the beginning with the inside foot in front.

Try and hit the switchback as wide as possible.

Keep looking ahead at your line choice.

Step 2.

Maintain a straight body on the bike and lean the bike into the turn.

The saddle should push against the thigh of your inside leg .

The outside arm should be extended and the inside arm bent.

Step 3.

Turn the handlebars inwards as the front wheel falls in line with the intended line of descent and release the rear brake.

Check out our video on how to ride switchbacks uphill and how to endo.

Swtichbacks can be tricky but with practice you should be able to nail them comfortably.

Enjoy your ride.


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