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How to Pump

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In this video, you'll learn a key foundational technique in mountain bike.

Pumping is a key skill to generate mountain on the bike without pedalling

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In this video you will learn how to pump, a useful technique that allows you to increase your speed on uneven or undulating terrain.

Pumping consists of applying or reducing your bodyweight through your hands and feet in time with the surface of the terrain to gain momentum practice pumping on an undulating terrain.

The two key steps are: pumping on the descent and easing up on the ascent.

Step 1.

Stand up on the pedals which should be at the same level.

When the front wheel hits the downslope, flex your knees, swing your hips down over the rear wheel and push your heels downward.

Remember to drop the wrist as well.

The idea is to be heavy on the dip and to squash the suspension.

Exerting extra force downward here increases your speed.

Step 2.

As you hit the ascent, ease up,extend your body and put some distance between your core and the bike, so that you are light.

You might want to check out our videos on weightin and unweighting for more on this Look up and get a good view of the next trail section.

Avoid using too much arm strength to pump as you could hit against something, like an uneven surface, which could send you flying over the handlebars Pumping allows you to accelerate considerably if you get the timing right.

It can also add height and power to your jumps.

You can check out our video on the bunny hop.

Enjoy your ride.


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