In this video program you will learn the basics of mountain biking (MTB). The aim of this program is to inspire individuals and motivate them to try out mountain biking as a new sport. MTB is a great and fun way to get outdoor areas of great natural beauty. The information and instructions contained in this video series are meant to provide beginners with a basic introduction to mountain biking as a sport. They will also give more experienced MTB riders a few tips and tricks to help improve. The Mountain Biking Program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon. It was also developed thanks to the expert advice of former competitive mountain bike athlete and qualified cycling instructor (moniteur cycliste) Guillaume Guerard. It covers the basics such as the different body positions, the gear youi'll need as well as the safety precatutions to take. It also covers more foundational and advanced techniqueas from pumping and corning, to riding switchbacks, bunny hopping, performing endos and jumping. Hopefully these techniques will help you to discover a new sport, get out into nature, and provide you with a real thrill! Ride safe and enjoy your ride.

What you are going to learn

  • 1

    Discover the Basics of MTB

  • 2

    The Essential Techniques for a Better Ride

  • 3

    Learn Advanced MTB Techniques and Tricks

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