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Mountain Bike Tricks: How to Endo / Nose Turn

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This easy-to-follow video shows a mountain bike trick which is called endo or nose turn.

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KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video you will learn how to endo. An endo is a technique where you lift the rear wheel.

It is useful to negotiate tight switchbacks.

Practice your endo on a surface that offers some grip, ideally with a slight downslope.

The three key steps are the approach, the rear wheel lift and the rear wheel turn.

Step 1.

Ride forward in the neutral position and slow down gradually.

The pedals should be at the same level.

Step 2.

Apply the front brake and shift your weight forward gradually as you get off the saddle.

This should lift your rear wheel.

Try and balance for a couple of seconds and release the front brake to bring down the rear wheel.

Make sure you do not squeeze the front brake too hard as it could send you flying over the handlebars.

In case you do, vault over the handlebars and let the bike fall behind.

If you feel that you are losing balance, release the front brake and shift bodyweight behind.

Step 3.

Once you've mastered the simple endo, try changing the direction of the rear wheel.

Start the same way and once the rear wheel is up shift your body weight to the side you would like to turn.

Practice turning the rear wheel on both sides.

You are now ready to hit the switchbacks.

Enjoy your ride.


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