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Mountain Bike Tricks: How to Drop

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In this video you'll learn how to drop on an mountain bike

This is the last video in our MTB series. By now you should hopefully have a clear understanding of all the mountain biking essential techniques

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In this video you will learn how to drop.

When there is a step or a fall that is higher than the level of the chainring, it is impossible to ride through it.

Before trying to drop off, make sure you've checked out the video on how to manual and you are at ease with doing it.

The three key steps are the approach, the manual, and the landing.

Pick a relatively small drop to start.

Lower your seat to make it easier to shift your weight behind it As you approach the drop, stop pedalling when you are 5 feet or 1.5m away.

Step 2.

Pump and shift your weight behind, with the arms outstretched.

Remember to use your bodyweight to keep the front wheel up as when doing a manual Step 3

Try and land with both wheels at the same time.

If you pull the handlebar your wheel could turn mid-air and as your weight is in front the landing on the front wheel could be dangerous Only move on to bigger drops once you've mastered smaller ones.

You should approach the drop by pedalling a little faster.

You might not need to pump if you have already have enough momentum Enjoy your ride.


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