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How to Get On a Mountain Bike

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In this video, you will learn how to get on the mountain bike.

This video is for new MTB enthusiasts looking to get a solid grasp of the basics

Learning how to properly mount a mountain bike is key to maintain a smooth rhythm when you're out on the MTB trail.

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In this video you will learn how to mount a bike.

Developing a good technique will help you to be efficient and safe on the trail.

The three key steps are: running with the bike, jumping on the saddle and catching the pedal.

Step 1.

Stand to the left of the bike and start running.

Avoid starting on the right hand side of the bike as you could end up with some greasy chain marks on your legs.

Step 2.

When your left foot is in front, push off the ground and swing the right leg across.

Land on your right inner thigh.

Make sure the bike is vertical when you jump onto the saddle.

Step 3.

Find your right pedal while you are looking ahead.

Push down on the right pedal and catch the left pedal when it is up and in front.

Check out our video on how to dismount a bike.

On a trail you might encounter obstacles or terrain on which you can't ride.

Practice dismounting and mounting efficiently to keep up the momentum.

Enjoy your ride.


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