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How to Shift Gears: Efficiency 2/2

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Learn how to change gears for a more efficient ride in this video

Knowing how to use your gears properly is better for you and for your bike...don't forget this video is split into two parts!

Don't forget to watch part 1 for the basics!

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In this video you will learn how to change gears efficiently.

You could revisit the basics by watching the previous video on how to change gears.

The optimum pedalling pace is generally between 70 to 100 revolutions per minute.

The right cadence varies for different individuals, but this range generally works for most people.

There are three different situations: riding on a flat surface, climbing and descending.

To accelerate on flat terrain, pedal harder and switch to a higher gear.

Remember to shift to a lower gear before you stop so that it is easier to start pedalling again.

For climbing very long and straight stretches, use a low gear.

At the front, the chain should be on the smaller chainrings and at the back on the bigger sprockets.

Shift to the desired gear before hitting the climb.

When your cadence starts to slip, ease the pressure off the pedals slightly and shift into an easier gear.

While descending, switch to a higher gear if you want to continue pedalling efficiently.

At the front the chain should be on the bigger chainrings and at the back on the smaller sprockets.

If you do switch to a lower gear, make sure you do it gradually, otherwise you could hurt yourself or damage the gear mechanism Changing gears efficiently comes with practice and will eventually become intuitive.

Enjoy your ride.


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