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How to Brake on a Bike

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This video will show you how to brake safely and efficiently

Learning how to stop is crucial for safe riding!

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In this video you will learn how to brake efficiently.

In this case, the front brake is on the left and the back brake is on the right.

But be careful, this depends on the bike The front brake is more powerful, but avoid braking hard as it could send you flying over the handlebars.

The back brake helps regulate speed and slow down gradually.

If you brake too hard using only the back brake, you could end up skidding.

So how do you brake efficiently? There are two recommended methods to brake: progressive braking to stop gently, and emergency braking to stop immediately If you're a beginner, walk with the bike and pump the front brake, followed by the rear brake.

Then try squeezing both together.

This will give you a feel of how both brakes function.

It's a good idea to look behind you before braking as stopping abruptly could be dangerous for anyone behind It is advisable for beginners to keep fingers covering both brakes .

Look ahead at where you would like to stop.

Squeeze both brakes together gently.

Release the brakes gradually as you come to a halt.

If you have to stop abruptly to avoid collisions, you should insist more on the front brake.

Remember to stay alert, flexing your arms and bracing your upper body.

Shift you bodyweight behind so that you don't fly over the handlebars.

To practice emergency braking, mark two lines on the ground.

Cycle to them.

Begin braking once you cross the first line, and stop before you reach the second.

Shorten the distance between the two lines.

Increase your speed gradually and practice braking quickly.

When cornering, you should ideally be finished braking before you lean into it.

You can check out our video on how to corner.

Avoid braking on painted lines as they offer little traction.

When it's raining, you're braking distance will increase dramatically, so brake well in advance.

Bear all the points mentioned in mind but also expect the unexpected.

Ride safe and enjoy your ride! .


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