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How to Fit a Helmet Properly

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In this video, you'll learn how to properly fit your helmet for a safer ride

Wearing a helmet is always necessary by law, but we do recommend doing so during every ride

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In this video you will learn how to fit a helmet.

Whenever you hit the road, you should wear a helmet to protect yourself.

Before trying the helmet, always loosen the retention system or sizing mechanism behind.

Fit the helmet on the head.

A properly-fitting helmet should fit snugly.

You shouldn't be able to squeeze in more than one finger between the helmet and the forehead.

The helmet should hold tightly to your head because of the shell and not the retention system The front of the helmet should be within an inch of the eyebrows.

The helmet should sit horizontally - not tilted back, as this will expose the forehead.

Once you have the right size helmet on the head, tighten the retention system behind [by rotating the wheel] or adjusting the straps which run down each side of the face and meet at the chin Next, buckle and adjust the chin-strap.

Tighten it until you can squeeze in only three fingers side by side.

The straps should not be twisted and should be clipped together by a buckle underneath the chin Open your mouth and check if the helmet presses against the top of the head.

If not, adjust the chin-strap accordingly.

Shake your head and check that the helmet fits tight and doesn't move too much You are now ready to ride safely.

Enjoy your ride.


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