Tips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - Sikana
Tips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - SikanaTips for Safer Cycling - Sikana
Guillaume GUERARD - Sikana Expert

Guillaume GUERARD

Guillaume GUERARD is the head moniteur cycliste at MCF Lille. He is passionate about cycling and works each day helping both children and adults to cycle confidently and safely. The Cycling Program, notably the Learn How to Cycle video series were created thanks to his expert consultation.
We thank Guillaume for his expert contributions during our Cycling video shoot which was filmed in Barcelona in October 2016.


In this educational video program, you will learn tips on how to keep both you and your bike safe and secure when cycling in an urban environment. The techniques shown in the videos contain valuable information for any person wanting to learn how to cycle safely through areas where there is regular traffic, but they are also useful for beginner cyclists who want to master the basics of their bike before hitting the road. Injuries sustained from cycling in urban areas are numerous and sometimes fatal. This program aims to combat this issue by raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the safe practices when cycling through busy streets. Follow the advice we set out in the videos to cycle safely, and to keep your bike safe and running properly too. Cycling in the city needn’t be a daunting experience; there are countless benefits to cycling regularly: it has a low impact on the environment, is great for the cardiovascular and muscular development; boosts your mood and lowers stress; and it gives you increased mobility and independence. The program is split into three chapters detailing tips on; what to do before you ride; how to use your bike properly; and how to keep both bike and rider safe. The program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon. The videos were conceived with the expert guidance of Guillaume Guerard, a qualified cycling instructor and life-long bike enthusiast. We hope that more people will see the virtues of cycling as a mode of urban transport. Enjoy your ride!

Program details

Viewing time: 31 min

Number of video(s): 15

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