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How to Adjust the Bike Seat

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In this video, we'll show you how to adjust your bike seat for a better ride

A properly-adjusted saddle will ensure comfort and an efficent ride

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In this video you will learn how to adjust your saddle.

The height and position of your saddle is important to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

The three key points to retain are: the height, the lateral position, and avoiding knee pain.

Get onto the bike.

When you extend your leg with the knee locked, your heel should rest on the pedal.

When the leg is extended the knee should be slightly bent.

The angle at the knee should be around 150 degrees.

When the knees are flexed, the angle should be around 70 degrees.

If your saddle is too high, you'll end up rocking the hips side to side.

Another thing you could check is that the knee is vertically above the pedal spindle when the pedal is roughly at the 3 o'clock position.

You can move the seat in front or behind to change the position of the knee.

The saddle should be parallel to the ground.

If it is pointing downward or upward, you could experience some pain in the back and pelvis.

You also need to check if the seat is aligned with the stem of the handlebar.

Check out our video on 'how to avoid knee pain' while cycling.

Enjoy your ride.


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