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How to Look Back While Cycling

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In this video you'll learn how to look behind you whilst cycling

This video is particularly useful for people who cycle in urban areas where there's a lot of traffic.

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In this video you will learn how to look behind and while cycling without swerving. Refer to the video: How to Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult: 4/4 - Exercises for tips on how to look back Communicating your intentions to any vehicles behind is extremely important.

Before you look back, make sure that the space ahead of you is clear of any obstructions.

Look behind over your shoulder at the riders or the drivers by turning your chin to the shoulder.

You don't need to look for too long - little and often is best Always indicate with hand signals, and check around you in all directions before making a turn when cycling on a road.

Practice being able to turn your head at the neck to look behind you, while keeping both hands on the handlebars and the brakes.

You can try this out when stationary to help you fight the natural tendency for your hands and arms to follow the direction your head has turned.

Keep the rest of the upper body straight, facing the direction of travel.

Remember to stay relaxed - don't tense up, or squeeze the handlebars too tightly.

You don't need to look behind you for too long - you just need a quick check to see if the lane is clear or not.

Tip: You can also drop the elbow opposite to the side you are scanning by a couple of inches or around 5 centimeters to provide counterbalance It is a good habit to scan backwards by looking the riders or the drivers in the eye.

Enjoy your ride.


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